Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review

Finding Nemo Collectors Bluray

When it comes to animated family features, Disney/Pixar sets the bar. ?Always innovating, its Hollywood studios features are successes that competitors can’t help but wish for. ?They are true classics meant to be viewed over and over again.

Finding Nemo (G rated) ?has been rereleased on DVD. ?This is the picture that The American Film Institute named as one of the top ten greatest ever in 2008. ?Hard to believe that a movie could get better since its initial release to theaters in 2003!??Enhanced digital high definition picture and sound ?make its CGI?underwater world breathtaking. ?Its animated art draws all audiences, both young and old, in. ?FYI: ?A sequel is in the works.

Clown fish Nemo’s adventures from the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney and back are funny but touching. ?Timid father Marlin know the ocean is a dangerous thing, but his overprotective behavior is embarrassing to Nemo. ?Rebelling Nemo swims away, caught then sent to Dentist P. Sherman’s aquarium. ?The doc plans to give him to goldfish killer niece Darla. ?Tank Gang Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, Peace, Gurgle, Jacques, and Deb thwart the plan.

Meanwhile Marlin is on his son’s trail. ?Along for the swim is regal blue tang Dory, friendly pelican Nigel, and surf-cultured sea turtle Crush. ? ?Encounters with sharks Bruce, Anchor, and Chum provide humor; ?Encounters with moon fish, angler fish, jellyfish, and seagulls provide drama.

Released December 4, 2012, the 3-Disc Combo Pact of ?Disney* Pixtar Finding Nemo (SMRP $39.99) is a true collector’s edition. ?Besides the 100 minute feature, each disc has great special features. ?The 3 minute color Lassiter cartoon Knick Knack is a cool, comic snow globe snowman delight.

Disc 1 (Blu-ray Feature Film + Bonus)–
Aquarium;?CineExplore; Reinventing the Submarine Voyage;?Deleted Scene: ?Alternate Opening;?A Lesson in Flashbacks; Finding Nemo: ?A Filmmaker’s Discussion; Knick Knack Theatrical Short.

Disc 2 (Blu-ray Bonus)–Aquariums; Art review; Outtakes and deleted Scenes; And Much More!

Disc 3 (DVD Feature Film + Bonus)–Finding Nemo: ?A Filmmaker’s Discussion; Knick Knack Theatrical Short.

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