Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Complete Stain Remover Review

Dirty Jobs Complete

Husband, children, grandchildren, pets, home maintenance and improvements, lawn and garden, and Mr. Fix-It’s car repairs make for daily of grimy, dirty, greasy, stuck on dirt laundry. I want my whiles while, my colors bright, and my darks stainless.

Man cannot live by detergent alone. Over the years I have tried everything – peroxide, toothpaste, chlorine bleach, borax, washing soda, stain sticks, even specially-formulated removers on lost cause grease, oil, grass, blood, sauce, gravy, ketchup, mustard, tea, coffee, and wine stains. Results have been disappointing. On the plus side, softened water made softened clothes. On the negative, shadows of most stains still remain. There has to be a better way.

Enter Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs Mike Row and Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Complete. As a no ammonia, heavy-duty, color-safe, stain booster and brightener, take it from me that it really works. Oxygen-powered lipase, protease, amylase, mannanaase, sodium percarbonate, and cellulase enzymes – love those secret-power blue granules safe for standard and HE washers. They degrade dirt into smaller more soluble fragments that wash right off.


Clean laundry is not all I get with Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Complete. It is a tough product priced right that works and makes everything smell better. Its 101 pet cleanup, carpets, upholstery fabric, kitchen, bath, garage workshop dirty job uses target filth, grime, stench, muck and mold everywhere. My spring cleaning is going to be lots easier. Accessories include Dirty Jobs Laundry Kit, Dirty Job Shammies, Dirty Jobs Spray Bottles, Dirty Jobs Squeegee Scrubbers and Refills, and Dirty Job Sponges.

For more information, go online to buydirtyjobs.com. Non-toxic, biodegradable Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Complete is available online and nationwide in stores like Walmart.

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