An American Girl McKenna Shoots for the Stars Review And Tune in Alert

American Girl Mckenna Shoots For The Stars

An American Girl McKenna Shoots for the Stars is a movie centered on people, performance, and values. It can be hard for adults under pressure to make the right choices, do the right thing, and it is doubly hard for a ten year old fourth grader trying to excel.

McKenna Brooks (Jade Pettyjohn) has problems reading and is falling behind in her studies. Her parents are supportive and suggest a tutor. She refuses and promises to do better but doesn’t. Then she is caught cheating on a test. To complicate things, McKenna is a Shooting Star gymnast. Her gymnastics takes a lot of her time. She badly wants a place in the regional competition eight weeks away. She chooses to disregard Coach Manning’s (Cathy Rigsby) “Stick to the routine” advice, falls, and breaks her ankle.

When her teacher gets crippled Josie to help her, she is embarrassed and feels she is being treated like a baby. The teacher finds other tutors, but they don’t work out. Her teacher suggests she try Josie again. It takes some time before McKenna and Josie connect and bond. When she admits she needs help, she becomes a whole new McKenna. She learns how to cope with feelings like anger and embarrassment. She learns how to show friendship and be a friend.

Adult role models in McKenna Shoots for the Stars are varied. I liked how the story showed that McKenna’s mom (Nia Vardalos) explaining both parents and children can get unbalanced. I appreciated McKenna’s coach coupling common sense and positive praise with athletic strategy. I understood her friend Tulane’s (Ysa Penarejo) jealous reactions because of her mother’s pushy competitive attitude.

Watching McKenna gain her own confidence and mature while fulfilling her dreams sends viewers a great message: Success is within everyone’s reach. It just takes work and the help of others.

An American Girl McKenna Shoots for the Stars is set to air 8/7c Saturday July 14, 2012 on NBC television. This modern original movie (in a Blu-ray Combo Pack featuring DVD, digital copy, an Ultra Violet) will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart July 3, 2012.

Here is a clip called “Best Friends”, where McKenna (Jade Pettyjohn) hears some reassuring words from her best friend Toulane (Ysa Penarejo).

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