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Wordless Wednesday – Authentic Hand-painted artistry – No Two The Same

Ww Handpainted Artistry

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12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Authentic Hand-painted artistry – No Two The Same

    1. Got to your site for a bit then couldn’t get on again. Be back soon. Glad you liked it. The place it is done in also showed how Engelpuppen dolls were made and how the Goebel figurines were done. Love the shoppe.

    1. Yes, it is on an ostrich egg. Faberge ones have always fascinated me so I was drawn to this which uses only paints and, of course, hold no secret just beauty.

    1. I was not familiar with the name although I have seen some wonders in places like Ripleys. I am awed by the precision. For me who can’t see anything up close and need reading glasses, it is a wonder that his fine motor skills and coordination can produce such details to the tiniest. Wow!

    1. I wish. I found it and several others last spring in EPCOT’s Germany shop Der Bucherwurm along with steins and cuckoos. I love true artistry.

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