WaterGeeks Pure Blue Filtered Bottle Review

Pureblue 24oz Stainless

What animal other than an elephant drinks large amounts of water? ?No contest if you ask me as I immediately respond my middle son ET as I cite our ?recycling bin ?overfilled with for plastic water bottles as Proof #1.

The amount of water he consumes in a day is so great that thinking green, I opt for a refillable 1.5 gallon small water cooler. I do not begrudge Middle Son his water. ?Its the storage space and garbage I resent. ?My new buying pattern of 2 gallon containers of water daily and a full recycling bin with big jugs is Proof #2.

Out I go shopping or a commercial water cooler. ?I may be buying three five gallon water jugs weekly but I am now doing a better job in waste management. ?With $5 deposit per bottle everything goes back to the place of purchase. ?Still with me spending a lot on H20, there has to be a better way.

Genie in the bottle, I wish…. ?Earlier in the week, the man who delivers packages brought me another one. ?Hubby is away so I do not have to race out to bring it in. ?I actually get the thrill of opening it myself. ?A thrill it is – no kidding. ?Inside the package is one WaterGeeks Pure Blue Filtered Bottle. ?My only regret is that it didn’t come before Middle Son went out of state. ?However, like the Terminator said, “I’ll be back,” I know he will be back too. ?Let my review begin.

The ?new?WaterGeeks environmentally safe and stylish 24 ounce bottle is available in either stainless steel or black, blue, green orange, yellow, and white. ?Its lightweight replaceable filter with an 80 gallon capacity fits easily into the cap is what purifies. ? Conveniently gone are tap water contaminants chlorine, chromium 6, VOCs, heavy minerals, odor and bad taste. ?Take it from me and my taste testing – what is left is ?healthier, safer, great tasting water.

Frugal me appreciates this ?inexpensive, convenient, and portable alternate solution. ?I am now using a WaterGeeks Pure blue Filtered Bottle regularly?and ?drinking less other cold beverages. ?(Please note that the Watergeeks bottle is not intended for use with hot liquids.) ?I am ?opting for more water, something better health wise for me and, in fact, everyone else. ?I’ve had other water bottles before, but this one by far is the best.

WaterGeeks Pure Blue Filtered Bottle retails for $19.99 and is available online at www.thewatergeeks.com, Target.com, GNC.com, NeimanMarcus.com as well as Meijer retailers. You can also find WaterGeeks on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. These self-filter water bottles are the best green item I have seen come out lately. They not only save you money on buying filtered water, they reduce waste.

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