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Tiny Token Empires is a turn-based strategy, match-three puzzle game. ?Its five games, five nations, five heroes, twenty-five generals, fifty units, five puzzles, three levels of difficulty, and five game modes make for fifteen+ hours of play. ?I love its characters, its colors, its cartography. ?With a design eliminating the non-relevant and concentrating on esthetics I appreciate the map. ?The caveat, however, is that I have visionary problems zooming in and out of its 75 territories.

I found myself amused by the manufacturer-developer described crazy comical universe with goofball gods, super cute mythological monsters, clown legionnaires…. ?I appreciate the humor and the bits of history of the ancient empires of Rome, Greece, Egypt, Persia, and Carthage. ? ?The tutorial is extremely helpful for the adventures.

Love (meaning can do) the independent tutorial, free campaign mode, practice mode, and campaign mode features. ?Hate (meaning haven’t mastered yet) the puzzle grid’s 9×9 boxes. ?Glad the computer calculates positioning, advancements, troop loss, etc. by 3d matching of tokens.

Here’s a screenshot.

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My own Roman adventure with General Marius Brutus was a bit frustrating. Be it well understood that it was no fault of the game. Rather it was me as the player. I lack perspective, part of why I usually stick to board and card games with printed rules and set boundaries. With that said, I did have fun playing AND intend to play again.

Purchase Tiny Token Empires for $24.99 at the Mac App Store. Thank you, BulkyPix for creating this electronic game. ????I appreciate its IOS system friendliness to MAC portals (computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad). ?I am glad I let the games begin; I intend for them to continue.

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