Spin & Go 360 Mop Floor Care System Review

Spin & Go 360 Mop Floor Care System

I know I hate all housework. When I was working, we paid someone come in to help. However, hubby helped out while I did a fair share and the kids kids pulled their weight. It’s empty nest for us now and retirement has made us count every penny. The cleaning lady became me mostly. I still hate it; however, I have found some things to cut down the tedium.

Today I tried the Spin & Go 360 Mop Floor Care System for the first time. I used to get down on my hands and knew and scrub my floors. When a total knee replacement made that a no-no, so I have been using a sponge mop instead. Not the same thing and definitely not the same cleaning….

Spin & Go did a great job cleaning my kitchen linoleum, my bathroom tile, even my wood floors. Quickly and easily, its 360 degree rotating head got into hard to reach places, under furniture, and into corners. It didn’t leave any slop or mess behind either. My forty year old time and trafficked floors were shiny, bright, and clean.

The system consists of a pedal powered bucket and a mop with a 1,720,000 washable microfiber head for super absorbency. Everything is easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to store (empty, of course, but you figured that out for yourself). The mop handle is a light-weight aluminum tube with a comfortable hand grip. Its angle can be adjusted to various settings. Furthermore, for those of you who are big on “Green”, its washable head makes for powerful cleaning performance and for eco-friendliness.

I wet the floors with the mop, rinsed and spun it, remopped again. Voila, job done with an almost dry floor in no time at all! The Spin & Go Touchless Cleaning Mop put a new spin on housework drudgery. It removed it. I still hate housework but there’s a caveat. The time I save doing it is mine to use as I see fit. I’ll be using it relax and to do something more “fun” like reading a good book.

For more information on Spin & Go or to place an order, please visit www.thespinandgo.com online. $49.99 plus SH buys you this time and energy saver. Additional mop heads are also available at $9.95 plus SH.

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