Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show, Orlando, Florida


When I read that Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show invites you to step into a world of comedy where you become the detective, I knew Sleuths was a must see. I know now it is also a great value.

I have loved mystery my whole life–Keene, Gardner, Agatha Christie, Kemmeman, Kellerman, Kellerman, Truman, Deaver, Cornwall–this is my genre. Hubby protested. It’s not that he doesn’t like theater; it’s that he likes NASCAR and TV more. I booked us anyway. First trip down, the tickets were for WKZY. I laughed my way though Tipton’s murder and solve then vowed like Napoleon that I would be back again.

Recently in Orlando again, I called reservations for their schedule. With eleven rotating shows audiences can come back again and again without repeating. While hubby parked our vehicle in complimentary parking, I picked up tickets for Squires Inn at the box office. Unfortunately that evening Sherlock Holmes was not there to greet us, but we made ourselves comfortable and nibbled on the complimentary hors d’oeurves at the one hour lobby pre-show. A full cash bar was available throughout the evening.

Showtime. We were escorted to round tables that seat 8-10. Depending on the stage being used, capacity is up to 250 guests. Our three course meal included a waiter/waitress cheese and crackers, salad, an entree of cornish hen, lasagna or prime rib, and dessert accompanied by. No buffet but the portions were not only tasty but ample.

On with the show…. While touring in England, your bus breaks down near the isolated Squires Inn where you stop for food and lodging. Quirky characters
appear and disappear. An old man with hidden treasure is murdered. Now it is your job to solve the crime. You ask the question; you name the culprit. This lively 2 1/2 hour show makes for great entertainment and loads of laughs with lots of audience participation. I actually figured out this time whodunit.

Sleuths with its ensemble cast of 27 multi-talented stars, has solid performers who excel at improvisations. After the show, when I met with some of the cast for pictures I had the chance to speak with Toby S. Pruett, one versatile and talented actor. He is certainly no amateur as his training at the NYC National Shakespeare Conservatory, stage appearances on and off Broadway as well as on national tour, coupled with film performances prove.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater is located at 8267 International Drive, Orlando, Florida. For more information, go to or call 800-393-1985.

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