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Tired of real estate, home improvement, and reality shows along with?summer reruns, I ask hubby to play a game with me.

“Too long.”

“Can’t spell.”

“Lost one of the tiles.”

“Not with just two of us.”

I don’t think that hubby really wants to play. ?Then I remember Hasbro’s Ratuki (Ra-too-kee) description – a fast stack?building card game. ?I open the box, read the instructions, don’t ask any questions or allow any time for a refusal. ?I?just start dealing.

My take on the game:
This family game for 2-5 players ages eight and up, is easy enough. ?Printed instructions and rules come with the game. ?Ratuki?s ?179?cards have five 38 card color suits (orange, blue, red, yellow, and?green). ?Each suit has Roman numerals, bilingual number names,?fingers, faces of a die, and Arabic numbers.

Each hand has three cards. ?Players must stack the deck either in?ascending or descending number order. Once play begins, everyone plays?at the same time so stay alert. ? The object is to collect stacks and??points by playing 5 or WILD and shouting ?Ratuki?. ?With no?turns, ?play is quick (average time 15 minutes). ?100 points is game.

Uh-oh! I am not lucky enough to have the quick reflexes Ratuki?requires; so hubby wins and I lose.

I like?Ratuki. ?It reminds me of UNO. ? Its size and portability along?with simple rules that do not allow much time for strategizing make it?a perfect traveling ?companion for anyone on a road trip away from?home. ?I know hubby likes it too because he takes the cards to deal out another game.

Ratuki?can be purchased for MSRP $11.99 in major retailers like Walmart, Target, Toys R Us,?and online.

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