Moon Dough Breakfast Review

Moon Dough

Dolls, doll carriages, doll houses, dishes were my favorite toys. Trains, plains, cars, guns were no-no’s for girls. Children’s amusement and pastimes back in the 40’s were gender based. Thank goodness we live in a more enlightened world. So many fun things available for today’s kids.

My mother hated clay – too messy to clean up. My mother disliked play-doh – I dared not ask why. Victorian logic that children should be seen not heard prevailed. Wish the imaginative educational things like Moon Dough, the magical molding dough, available today had been around in my time. It is easy to clean (Hint: Use a small piece of it to pick up fragments). It is also odorless, hypo-allergenic, and wheat free.

Moon Dough

There are many good things about having grandchildren. One is sharing the moment. Breakfast, the often neglected but all important meal of the day, should be a celebration AND a healthy start. With a box of Moon Dough Breakfast in hand, we can safely and magically make waffles, pancakes, and toast with easy to use and push pop tools and garnish with twist mold creations at playtime and let real time in the kitchen happen later.

Moon Dough

Umagine’s Spin Master Moon dough is a light, soft, holdable, squishable, squeezable compound that never dries and can be used again and again for neat, creative modeling fun. Retailers include Amazon, ACMoore, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. Sets include: Moon Dough Magic Zoo, Ice Cream, Bunnies, Barn, Pizza Kit, Puppy, Diner ($14.99 average retail price). Single, double and triple refill kits are also available.

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