Mega Bloks Dora’s Garden Gazebo Review

Mega Bloks Doras Garden Gazebo

I love doll houses. They were my favorite childhood toy, and somehow I assume all little girls have the same love for them. My own Bunny had several – a simple toddler one, a more elaborate Fischer Price one, then a detailed tin-roofed one, and last a ‘tween collectible one still stored away in my attic. I had hoped to pass it on to her little girl, but she had boys.

Today Mega Bloks Dora’s Garden Gazebo was delivered to my door. Hubby, my compulsive mail an package scout, brought it in. I could hear him muttering, “This means trouble.” I suppose it is all a matter of perspective.

As I began setting the playset up, I responded, “Why? I am three+,” mindful that the packaging indicates buildable small parts (figurine, skirts, bluebird, sunflower, pinetree, table and more) specifically nineteen.

I casually mentioned to my man that this would be the PERFECT gift for my grandbaby soon to turn four. He repeated again, “This means trouble,” well knowing that when I like something I tend to buy everything in the line. Unfortunately, he had seen the illustrations for companion pieces on the back. They include Buildable Bedroom #3074, Camping Trip #3075, School Adventure #3076, Bath Time #3079, Family Nursery #3081, and House #3082. (Just between you and me, I am glad he doesn’t know there are 27 Dora Adventure Sets in all.)

Nickelodeon’s Dora’s Garden Gazebo is the perfect toy for the active mind. Burger King’s slogan, “Have it your way,” really works here. Build and rebuild it anyway – creative or traditional – again and again. Love its colors (orange, lime, yellow, blue, pink, salmon, and purple). Love its sturdy, plastic construction pieces. Love the simple way things go together. Love the way Mega Bloks helps build fine motor coordination skills.

I like toys that foster imaginative play which Mega Bloks Dora’s Garden Pavilion certainly does. I just have to restrain myself and remember, “One at a time please.” With an approximate retail value of $14.99, Mega Bloks Dora certainly is affordable. It is available at Kmart, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Amazon.

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  1. LOL, yep I think it means trouble.. if I am not buying they are asking for the companions to go along with them. I like Dora, she teaches them things, good things, like how to count, how to be a good friend, identify colors, and some Spanish words too.

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