Medieval Times, Kissimmee, Florida

Medieval Times Kissimee Castle

My family and I have been to Medieval Times in various locations but our favorite dinner theater is the one in Kissimmee. Why? An eight cottage medieval village is also on the property. Visitors are transported in time back to the Eleventh Century for an entertaining evening and a great show.

Guests seated around the arena cheer their colors–black, blue, red, green, yellow–as they feast on a four course meal. There is enough to sate every appetite as portions are ample. The garlic bread, tomato bisque, chicken, rib, potato then pastry dessert make for good eating. Service is good with waiters and waitresses ready to fill the glasses with complimentary beverages or take orders for the cash bar.

The horses that the performers ride are true equestrian delights. Renowned for their strength, agility, and temperament, these Spanish Andalusian stallions are the best part of the show. Knights of the realm in shining armor demonstrate their horsemanship and fighting skills in a battle of champions for honor, chivalry, glory, and peace.

Watching them joust is impressive. Watching their skill with the lance, espada, mandoble, alabarada, bola, and mace makes you feel lucky you are not contending against them. As a royal falconer demonstrated his art on a strong, powerful falcon flying overhead, one has to be awed by this bird of prey’s speed and precision.

Medieval Times is located at 4510 W. Irlo Bronson Highway, Kissimmee, Florida 34746. As a family attraction, it has something for everyone. I’m sure we will be going to Medieval Times again. One thing our family agrees on is that we all enjoy it.

Go to for informations and reservations. The site has information on it and the other six Medieval Times attractions locations in the United States as well as information on the one in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. For one, I love Renaissance festivals almost to the point of dressing up. Year round knights in shining armor? Yes please!

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