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Johnsonville “No Ordinary Burger” Recipe Contest

Johnsonville No Ordinary Burger Contest

Johnsonville is currently holding a “No Ordinary Burger” recipe contest for their new Italian sausage and bratwurst pork burger lines. Why not log into the contest page, submit your favorite pork burger recipe, and vote? You could win a year’s worth of groceries. Deadline is September 6, 2011, so don’t wait. Go to now. I did.

I am always complaining that there are too many quick food places and too many banks here in New Jersey. The irony of it all! Developers tore down my favorite Pine Barrens hoagy spot and put up another drive-through s&l. This situation left me to go figure what to do when hubby and I wanted a tasty bite. Brain storm! Make my own. With a product like Johnsonville’s, it’s as simple as one, two, three.

Call it what you will–submarine, hoagy, grinder, hero, poorboy, muffalata, gyro – hot or cold, it is a quick, easy to prepare, easy to individualize, easy to serve tasty crowd-pleasing meal on a bun. Put on the meat, for me Johnsonville Italianville Mild Sausage, then load on the fixings. You see the Italian sausage sub loaded is my passion. Challenged–I really cannot eat just one, but maybe you’d prefer bratwurst patties instead.

Simple camping and barbecue instructions:
(1) Set the grill to medium low.
(2) Put the patties on the burner for 15-18 minutes flipping them midway through the cooking.
(3) Remove when their internal temperature reaches 160 degrees.

Paper goods out along with fixings and condiments, let the sub making and dressing begin.

For me musts are homegrown fresh tomatoes, thin onion slices (Vidalia preferably), iceberg lettuce, and a loaf of fresh bakery Italian bread on which to pile ingredients. Spice it up with red wine vinegar, pure olive oil, oregano, and ground pepper. It’s one tasty dish like revenge best served cold on a hot summer evening.

There are other options though. Fried mushrooms, fried mushrooms with garlic, marinara sauce, Sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, catsup, hot sauce, an assortment of cheese, chips, and other seasonings even salt–pick and choose for the taste sensation of your life.

Entertaining afterthought: As guests depart and the grill cools down, take leftover sausage and place it in an aluminum pan, smother it with marinara, cover with foil and let it simmer as you cleanup. Pair it with freshly made pasta for another dinner.

This post was written as part of a campaign for the One2One Network. It has not been monetarily compensated however I have received an entry into a drawing? in exchange for my participation. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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