How Verizon FiOS Has Changed The Way We Watch TV

Verizon Fios

The same year I started school, my parents bought out first television–a table model, analog, black and white, 16 inch TV with a dial for channels 2 through 13 and no remote. ?We lived across the river from NYC, the broadcast center of the East. ?WCBS (2), WNBC (4), Dumont (5), WABC (7), WWOR (9), WPIX (11), and WATV (13) was it when the station was broadcasting and the unamplified indoor rabbit ears antenna brought in a clear signal. ?It was a new day for communications.

The post WW-II economy,?women in the work force full time,?lifestyle changes, and improvements like a roof antenna, a roof antenna with a rotor, local cable, a dish satellite system brought TV into its own. ?In the last six decades, technological advances?like color, tube to circuitry, more channels,?larger flat screens,?digital output, high-definition, for flat screen, projection, plasma, LCD, and LED television ?brought 2.86 televisions into the average ?2.5 person household. ?Hey, that’s more TV’s than people under one roof! ?And invention and innovation continues on.

Two years ago hubby and I signed up for Verizon FiOS. ?Why did we choose Verizon?FiOS? In one word, VALUE but please read my May 19, 2011 post “How Verizon FiOS Makes My Life Easier”. ?It is so much easier than boring you by repeating myself. ?It was a marriage of the minds when we switched to Verizon FiOS.?Hubby wanted FiOS for its faster internet, HD channels, and video on demand without an ethernet cable. ?I wanted Verizon FiOS over competitors because of its bang for the buck (more, much more for less money), reliable reception, and superior customer service/satisfaction.

What FiOS offers has changed our viewing habits, how we watch TV, and how we keep in touch both while at home and on the move. ?High tech expert hubby now sets the TV’s DVR from his android phone, watches movies on it as well, and checks his land line voice mailbox anywhere in the world (OK, an exaggeration) by computer. Technologically impaired me relies on the Guide, DVD, and Video on Demand. ?No need to search the newspaper for what is on, no need for me miss my favorite shows when I’m not in front of a TV set, no need to choose between hubby’s shows and mine, I say, “How sweet it is.”

My kids, big and little, enjoy Verizon FiOS service. ?Television viewing features like fast forward and reverse minimize the the average 15 minutes of commercials packed into every 60 minute show. ?They can watch what they want as they want either all at once or in bits and pieces. ?They can even “Play it again, Sam” one more time.

Since I have a dumb cell phone with no features, I passed a Verizon FiOS challenge on to hubby. ?Quickly and easily ?he turned his smart phone into a personal TV remote with FiOS Mobile (link to ?In seconds from Menu to Widgets to FiOS Mobile Remote then Launch to Register with cell number to Download FiOS Mobile Remote in phone, he completed the task gloating as he reminded me that the user has to choose the proper set top box for the TV in use. ?Smart Alec and big, big tease then switched the channels from his cell. ?After that he showed me pictures he had taken on it including one of the governor speaking at Boys State.

Verizon FiOS offers unique mobile features ?to fit this busy world’s on the go lifestyle.? To find out if it’s available in your area, click here. I once asked how much better can things get. ?If you are not in any of the select parts of the country where FiOS is available you know the answer.? The more devices you use, the more you?ll need the best network. For more information on Verizon FiOS, go to

I wrote this review while participating in a brand team campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Verizon FiOS. Verizon will send me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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