Do You Know What Decaplets Are?

Roxy And Pups

I thought things were bad when I had Irish twins fourteen months apart. My baby girl gave birth two evenings ago to decaplets. Can you believe it?

Multiple birth terminology:
Two offspring ? twins
Three offspring ? triplets
Four offspring ? quadruplets
Five offspring ? quintuplets
Six offspring ? sextuplets
Seven offspring ? septuplets
Eight offspring ? octuplets
Nine offspring ? nonuplets
Ten offspring ? decaplets

My boxer found a a big brute (St. Bernard actually). Now look what that got her. It’s too late to send out baby shower invitations. Wanted good homes for St. Berxers–no kidding. Aren’t these adorable?

One thought on “Do You Know What Decaplets Are?

  1. Congrats!

    I’ve never seen the term decaplets before. Can’t wait for the next photos you share. With a St Bernard in the mix, those should be big puppies.

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