College Memories

Cafeteria Tray

Hubby went out to a stuffy men’s organization dinner. I passed the event figuring to stay at home, curl up with a book, and relax. Baby Boy foiled all plans when he invited me out to a gourmet Italian restaurant I know only great things about. Salad, fresh baked bread, fresh stuffed seafood rigatoni, veal with spinach and bruschetta, cannolis and cappuccino. I knew I would have to avoid the scale for the next few days at least.

Service was a 10+. Our waitresses were polite, prompt, attentive. As the place readied closing, the girls took time to chat. One of them had recently graduated from my alma mater. She told me how the place had changed. I listened with interest remembering back to good times way back when. Traying down the hill by the gym, watching the fountain by the library’s cascading soap bubbles, partying at told haunts–all in good fun.

My college years gave me a solid liberal arts education. Art Appreciation’s Dutch Master, Music Appreciation’s Peter and the Wolf to Phys. Ed.’s archery, tennis, and bowling classes rounded out the bookish English, history, math and science. Electives in education, psychology, and reading completed my chosen studies–BC (no not Before Christ; Before Computers) back in the day….

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