Clue World of Harry Potter Edition Board Game Review

Clue Harry Potter

I appreciate board games. The games I played first as?a small child – Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue – still remain my?favorites. So when I was asked to review Clue World of Harry?Potter Edition board game, I eagerly agreed wondering if the manufacturer would be able?to improve the best.? Well, they? outdid themselves with its 2011 update of the old TWO HP edition.

I opened the box. Contents include 6 identity cards, 6 movers, 29?help cards, 6 suspect tokens, 6 item tokens, 1 envelope, 1 green die,?1 black die, 1 label sheet, and instructions. The label sheet inside?amused me. How cheesy for the manufacturer not to have the die game?ready! How nice it is a fun game whether or not you read Rowling’s book (s) or saw any of the HP movies!

As I read Clue World of Harry Potter instructions, I immediately?realized that with its new rules and moves, it is more complicated?than regular Clue. It is still about WHO, WHAT, and WHERE, but the?game is not solving a murder; it’s about someone vanishing from?Howarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ?New features like a board that shifts itself from turn to turn, secret passages that change, appear, disappear, Floo points, magical spells, wheels, doors that open and close are crafty??updates for the classic mystery?game geared for three to five players ages nine and up.

Pick a card and you are no longer a Muggle. You are Harry, Hermoine, Ginny,?Neville, Luna, or Ron inside the Scottish boarding school.?Dark forces are at work.?It’s?up to you to solve the disappearance, disclose who did it, what spell or item he used, and where he attacked his victim. ?But, a word to the?wise BEWARE. ? As you move about asking questions, secret passages,?hidden staircases, and the Dark Mark may prove your undoing.

Go to for more information, a local store?indicator, and online vendors. Although the current MSRP is $27.99,?product selection, availability, and pricing may vary by retailer. ?With the last of the Harry Potter movies released,?this game will be big on demand but short on supply.

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