You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown DVD Review

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You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown DVD

Available on DVD: January 26, 2010

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Synopsis: In You?re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, the Peanuts gang perform the various comedy sketches from the original live-action musical. Charlie Brown’s friends each describe him. Charlie Brown is happy as usual and then his friends say that “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown”. Lucy comes up to Schroeder trying to talk to him about that the two of them should get married(“Schroeder”). Schroeder ignores her, then Lucy says “My Aunt Marion was right, never try to discuss marriage with a musician.” Charlie Brown has never been able to keep a kite in the air and he hopes that the day it would happen would be today, but he had once again failed(“The Kite”). Sally was writing a letter to Ann Flanders about the valentines she gets. Charlie Brown gives Lucy a valentine and screws up and says “This is for you Lucy, Merry Christmas.” Charlie Brown sees Marcie and thinks that she is going to give him a valentine but she doesn’t. Lucy comes up to Schroeder again and talks about saucepans, and, again, Schroeder can’t stand it. Snoopy imagines that he is a wild animal(“Snoopy”). Charlie Brown, Schroeder, Linus, and Lucy work on their book reports on “Peter Rabbit”(“Book Report”). Lucy teaches Linus about nature in her own way while Charlie Brown tries to correct her.(“Little Known Facts”).

As I popped the DVD You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown into my DVD player, I wasn’t highly enthusiastic about doing any review right then. I had some shopping to do, bills to pay, housework to complete and a big pile of ironing to finish right then. I do not multi-task well but decided to try. Hey, I was actually having fun! The animated mini-musical taken from the Tony Award-Winning Broadway musical was great. When it finished, I pushed replay and enjoyed it one more time–honest.

You’re a Good Man , Charlie Brown has an interesting history. Its evolution began with the Charles M. Schultz daily comic strip. Then Clark Gesner got permission to use the characters for songs and an LP was born. The next steps were off-Broadway then Broadway stages. Then the final one was the animated television special twenty years later. Wow!

Many specials become dated with time. ?This one hasn’t. It is one of the best specials, holiday and non-holiday, that I have ever seen. It is a true Charlie Brown celebration. Briefly, Peanuts and the gang perform classic Broadway musical highlights.

The English teacher in me delighted at the children’s approaches to writing a book report–so true to real life. The kite flying segment is excellent. Happiness is the very best.

The voice cast of children perform remarkably well. It includes Kevin Brando as Charlie Brown (singing) and Brad Kesten as his voice, Michael Dockery as Marcie, Jeremy Scott Reinbolt as Schroeder, Tiffany Reinbolt as Sally Brown, Jessie Lee Smith as Lucy Van Pelt, David Wagner as Linus van Pelt, and Robert Towers as never heard before Snoopy.

This DVD deserves a big 10.

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