WW: Closed. Marcel the Gorilla Went to Work in Disney Hong Kong

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14 thoughts on “WW: Closed. Marcel the Gorilla Went to Work in Disney Hong Kong

  1. No more monkey shines, huh… Disney letting stuff go to pot?
    whats this, they got rid of Figmet? that was was one of the newer attractions the one & only times I was ever there… there goes my memories… the mystery creepy bug was identified from last weeks post, come on over , link up & play along!

    1. Disnery sells off to its other properties. However, the original Figment attraction–the very best–was in the Kodak Pavillion, Epcot. Disney always tries to keep creative and financial control. Over the years it has changed greeting card companies, ice cream companies, and the list goes on. Toad out. Dinosaur topiaries removed. Restaurants and hotelsmanaged/sold to other chains. And more…. It likes the bucks it gets from advertising. It sold the props. The people clamored. It put in a second one–terrible at best. The people still complained (I think with reason). It replaced it with the current one. A character was in residence for photo ops; however, he has too been removed.

  2. I never visited The Adventurers Club at Disney World..actually had to do a Google Search to see what you meant. Yeah, it looks like the Adventurers Club was a really cool, fun place to go. Now Marcel and the rest are in Hong Kong – Well phooey to that!

  3. Well that’s either a really sad place for a vacation or really neat place to break into and snap some pictures. Not that I condone breaking into places. Because I don’t. Seriously, I never hop fences at abandoned school houses to capture the coolest photos of people ever!

    1. Upon entry Marcel greeted each guest and dusted him off. Some guests were offended while others like me loved the show. Disney sold off this Pleasure Island entertainment club in one of its marketing strategies. Last stupid strategy never repaired was closing the original Figment attraction in Epcot. (They even took the character away last year for photo ops.)

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