What Ever Happened To The Service In Customer Service?

A friend’s daughter off to college came home regularly for holidays and long weekends. She packed light for convenience, purse, laptop, carry on–legal size and legal weight. She knew the rules and was intent on following them. Imagine her surprise at the airline counter when an agent told her she had to check her computer. And so she did and paid of course.

Flight complete without incident, imagine her horror when she arrived at baggage claim. Visible damage as her one year old computer’s screen was smashed; hidden damage that knowledge came later. Direct to Customer Services with property in hand, step one. Explain to the obnoxious agent more intent at having a snack while on duty (how professional), step two. Be advised that airline policy does not cover the damage, step three. Bite her lip as she heard the lady? advise, “You really should have invested in laptop insurance,” last step.

Nowadays airlines give little service for the money they collect.

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