Watkins Glen Camping Reflections

Finger Lakes Map

Recently we spent five days camping. If my family did not love the time together, I’d opt out for a luxury resort. I get enough of cooking, cleaning, and making beds all year at home. Vacation to me means rest and recreation topped with a generous dollop of pampering. I am a creature comfort person. When we bought each RV (this is our third), hubby swore he would do everything–packing, cleaning, cooking, doing dishes. Well, he lied.

For twenty years we have been doing the Upstate New York Southern Tier thing. I love the Finger Lakes. When my kids were young, each promised to get me a house on the water. Now that the four are old with kids of their own, I know that isn’t going to happen. Reality flash: The closest I get to water at the campgrounds is the public shower.

I enjoyed going into town and checking out the local shops and stores. Then progress arrived several years back. Too bad so much history got lost along the way. Little by litte the ?town died when the new Super Walmart opened 24/7. Competition crushed the little guys. Empty parking lots stand where wrecking balls demolished old time soda fountains, candy stores, butcher shops, etc. Some buildings were gutted and rennovated as professional offices. Malls are where it is at. As I see it, what a loss!

The natural beauty of the place still thrills me. The rocks and falls of the Glen are picture perfect. The dockside restaurants and boats along Senaca Lake bring back old times. Corning, the Rockwell Museum, Black Rock, road racing, go-carts, local wineries, and the Amish Windmill Market pull me back.

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