True Of False – Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Poster

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps just came out with Michael Douglas reprising his 1987 Gordon Gekko role. I don’t understand much about the world of stock brokering and trading and finance jobs. What’s a portfolio? Being an expert trader is not my style. Fortunately for me (and lots of other people), knowledge of the market is not required to see this movie. I haven’t seen it yet. If you have seen it, did you enjoy it?

One thought on “True Of False – Money Never Sleeps

  1. I definietly want to see this one as I really enjoy Michael Douglas ! As far as Wall Street goes, now I know what they mean by “playing the stock market”. I’m not so sure it’s for the average person. The average individual makes what they hope is an educationed selection of stocks for their 401k and then usually sits on it as their money goes along for the ride – while the individuals who have the ‘where for all’ and money to really make it work for them enjoys the most profit. The average joe is lucky if they can get back what they invested. There has to be a better way to ‘save’ for retirement!

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