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Toy Story 3 Action Links Stunt Set In-Home Party

Toy Story 3 party 1

MomSelect and Mattel invited me to host a Toy Story 3 Action Links Stunt Set In-Home Party recently. I originally planned it as an in-home party for kids to play out Toy Story adventures with their Buddy Figures.

Wondering what Toy Story 3 Action Links are?

Action Links? are linkable playsets that simply snap together to create an interactive, adventurous Toy Story world. Once connected, a simple push of a button sets off the fun, creating a chain reaction of events where characters fly through the air, zip line to safety and defend against evil villains, too!

As I started to put the Sunnyside Breakout Deluxe Playset together, I realized my invitees at the young end of the suggested age range would need more one on one guidance–which I just couldn’t give–AND I was out of time. Luckily I had made ahead the Woody sheriff badges/name tags to keep things simple and on schedule.

Toy Story 3 party 5

As I retrenched, I took out the Blu-Ray Toy Story 3 (see 11/22/2010 blog). I knew how little ones clamor for movies, so a weekend movie matinee it would be. Meanwhile I kept putting together the stunt sets – Dr. Porkchop Attacks Stunt Set, Jessie to the Rescue Stunt Set, Buzz Saves the Train Stunt Set, and Junk Yard Escape Stunt Set.

Hubby preloaded the DVD player for the 55″ flatscreen then put out crayons and themed coloring sheets for early comers. As the boys and girl attending arrived, he handed each one his/her own goodie bag with popcorn, fruit snacks, juice box and, best of all, a Toy Story 3 Action Links Buddy Pack. The youngsters tore into them then settled down to watch the G-rated animated movie.

Toy Story 3 party 2

I took a break from toy assembly to prepare and serve gluten free kid favorites chicken nuggets and french fries. Earlier I had baked brownies for dessert decorated a la Woody and Buzz. No food fights. As Tiny Tim would say, “Good as gold and better.” After that time for play.

Toy Story 3 party 3

Toy Story 3 party 4

All in all, the imaginative play was magic fit to individual needs and levels. Some youngsters played alone while others recreated their versions of TS3 scene(s). From listening to dialogue and watching the play, I know the children had fun re-living and reinventing the movie adventure. They loved the action link stunt sets.

Then it was time to go. Sorry I can’t include any pictures of the end of the party–@#%& batteries died. You will just have to believe. Great party. My grandson’s smile was ear to ear. Boy did he ever jabber! Everyone had fun and shared well. No fights, no tears…only “I don’t want to go home” complaints…. A most memorable experience that Buzz Lightyear would call a blast. Me, I just call it good healthy kid play.

I like happy faces, don’t you?

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