Timeshares and Vacation Clubs

real estate market

It is a buyers’ market right now in real estate with prices down. But what about timeshares and vacation clubs?

67% of buyers choose interval purchases; the rest opt for points. Their $20,000 average resort condo investment has not dropped. Neither has the average $646 that buyers are responsible for annually in maintenance fees. But what has plummeted is their resale market price. The going price to clinch the deal is 30% to 40% of the original purchase price. Blame a flooded marked and yearly depreciation. Wow!

This is not a time to invest in a timeshare and expect to turn it over for profit. Timeshare is still a great deal if you want vacation accommodations and know exchange options. I enjoy my own timeshare–oops, vacation club. Besides using it regularly, I’ve used it both to cruise and book rooms away from my home resort. Extra space–more comfort means my whole family can come along with proper planning. I love it.

Right now a trip is again in the works for WDW come November. I don’t know who enjoys the place most, hubby, my kids, their kids, or me.

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