Times Are Tough All Over

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Too many people want something for nothing or almost that. Even in the poor present day global economy, prices are on the rise. Credit card debt is as astronomical as the national debt. I was amused when our government pushed through bills to control plastic spending. Too little, too late is my opinion. With so many people out of jobs and unemployment benefits, how are they going to pay the higher minimum payments that lenders now are demanding? Money just isn’t there. Responsible people will continue to do their best and pay their bills first–necessities like shelter and energy, look for the cheap insurance and basics, and spend less and less on foods. As I walk through the supermarket I see carts full of the carbs while buying less diary, fish, and meat. Meals of pasta, rice, beans, and potatoes long familiar in the Third World countries the U.S. aids are becoming commonplace on American tables.

2 thoughts on “Times Are Tough All Over

  1. I know it affects everyone and of course farmers too…but your comment made me remember living on a farm with us 9 kids and we worked SO hard…but we always had the best foods our hands could toil and we were so healthy. I hated it…the gardening, the canning and freezing…the fact that we were “married to the farm” and could never get away for any fun. BUT, we had fresh dairy, wonderful veggies and fruits (they now call organic) and of course meat, chickens & eggs…and actually went FISHING for trout, Walleye, or Blue gills. It did not seem like a good life…it was all handmedowns and riding in not so nice vehicles, because the farm equipment hailed higher than a car that basically ONLY took us to church and occasionally to the grocery store. Now I know it was not a great life…it was paradise!! The SIMPLE LIFE~~~ when you worked so hard and slept so sound and didn’t live your life trying to buy things to make you happy and keep up with others…you just lived for your family day to day to day. No FANTASTICPLASTIC! And in my (49 year old) opinion…people smiled more, worried less, and cared about others more. But then, I was only a little kid and my memory has retreated to the far corners…Or HAS IT?

    1. Dear Eileen,
      Hi! I’ve been thinking about you. Memories work only as long as there is someone to share them and the feelings they bring. I too remember simpler times even in the city. Family not peers counted. Extended families were the norm. Instead of big sprawling homes people managed to live together without a bedroom for every person, the guests, the den, and the rec room. My grandparents (maternal) shared their small apartment of five rooms with their youngest son, his wife, and two children and never complained. I remember still one of the last holidays we spent there before they passed. Everyone was there brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, children–all at one makeshift table set up in the living room talking, laughing, together. And if one was in trouble, family was there to do what was possible. Life was not disposable; most things could be fixed even hurt feelings.

      Happy Easter.

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