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eshores thailand Mama told me there’d be days like this…. I find myself vicariously living all the experiences I passed on for marriage and family. LA recently returned from deployment in the Middle East. He had liberty in Thailand, and his stories of the country whetted my appetite. I’d love to travel again and one of those Thailand holidays sounded perfect. I was long ago enchanted by the story of Anna and the king of Siam so I researched Thailand, Siam’s official name since 1939. This Southeast Asian country has much to offer. Sports like boxing, sepel takeo, rugby and golf; beautiful eShores especially Pallaya Beach and Plunket Beach; cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, centers of cultures with temples as well as arts and crafts are main attractions. Then there is the shopping. I’m not much into goods and services. I’ll skip the rice, fish, rubber, cars, computers, electric appliances and their duty and shipping costs. However, Thailand’s tailor made holidays highlighting footwear and textiles–well, that’s different. Well-designed, custom clothes at prices that can’t be beat anywhere–I could never, never pass them by. LA brought the family souvenirs of handmade silk embroidered robes that cost him only pennies on the American dollar. He still groans and moans that his ship’s departure didn’t allow time for having a suit made. Oh, well, he can always mail order. Now I really need some new clothes, specifically blouses, skirts, pants, and jackets. I hate ill-fitting ones in styles and colors not for me. My closet is bare since I dropped many sizes and pounds this last year. A new wardrobe with quality fabrics like silk, satin, cotton, cashmere, and mohair selected for my taste would be the envy of every woman I know. Any suggestions on how I can convince hubby to book tickets? I’ll even buy him some custom apparel. He can select whatever he needs from the men’s dress shirts, pants, jackets, blazers, overcoats and suits that good haberdashers tailor–just measure, cut, then sew.

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  1. I was traveling 4 month in Thailand and i enjoy the friendly people, nice food, white beaches and the culture in north Thailand. Koh Chang, Chiang Mai and Bangkok was my highlights.

  2. As to ideas for convincing hubby: Use the Internet to get bargain deals on travel and lodging and then invest your savings in new custom wardrobes for you two! Let us know when – not if – you persuade him! Good luck!

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