The New Style Rules!

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Polly Blitzer, style and beauty expert founder of Beauty Blitz, has some tips for fashion conscious women now that summer is gone and fall is in. In a recent interview, I was lucky enough to get a chance to ask to ask her some questions. This lady certainly had a lot of to tell about new style rules for color, hair, fragrance, boots. Her input on skin and good clothes buying were valuable to this lady and many more I am sure.

It seemed my interview with this fashionista was over in a flash. She answered my every question. Just wish there had been time for more. Try conservative, feminine black leather; add sequins to perk up an old wardrobe; show those legs instead of covering skin; and add beauty color most definitely. Keep hair clean, voluminous, and well-behaved by shampooing daily. Experiment with light ancilaries like body powders, lotions, and mists. Avoid sun and skin exposure by hydrating for a silky soft look.

Click to see my interview with Polly Blitzer.

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