The Little Things

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I started dieting about fourteen months ago. In that time I have managed to lose about sixty pounds, lots of inches, and several clothes sizes. My health problems have decreased, and I take fewer meds.

Most of the time I eat table food but better choices and less of it. I have incorporated some weight loss products into meal planning. I have a few pre-packaged meals frozen in the freezer. My frosty protein shakes throughout the day help. I use sugar substitutes sparingly. I try to buy low-fat and sugar-free products. I carry a bottle of water and a protein bar in my purse when I go out.

Little things mean a lot.

One thought on “The Little Things

  1. We started making changes about 6 weeks ago and you are right, little things mean a lot. We simply eat less than we were before, cut out at least 75% of the junk food, quit keeping soda in the house, quit eating out, and a few more things I’m probably not remembering. Charlie, DH, lost about 15 pounds already. I’m not sure if I lost any, but I feel better mentally knowing that I’m not eating so much junk and not overeating.

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