The Hershey Legacy – May It Continue

I chose my profession teaching because I love children. Thirty-five years in the field made me realize how important the opportunity for a good education is. Too bad that any child is denied it because of unfortunate circumstances. Thankfully philanthropists Milton Hershey cared enough to help kids in adversity.

Everyone knows the name Hershey. He profoundly changed lives. His Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey Amusement Park, world-class Hershey Gardens all were created to give back. Back in the WW II years, everyone knew about the candy for our soldiers. His generosity didn’t end there though.

Hershey donated his fortune to educate thousands of students. Milton Hershey School named after him is our country’s largest, cost-free, private, co-educational residence and school for children of limited resources, social needy, low-income families. Founded in 1909, it boasts a 101 year academic history. It schools boys and girls ages 4 through 15 in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades.

The wheels for opportunity he set in motion continue to help change the lives of children, but support help is needed. Education, housing, food, medical and psychological health care, recreation, and clothing without any financial obligation are costly for an 1,800+ student population. How about helping? Queen Latifah, Ashlee Simpson, Rascal Flatts, Kevin Harvick, Robin Thick, and Richard Childress already have. In hard economic times like these, do whatever you can.

While you are at it, buy some Hersheys. The sweetest thing about it is that your chocolate purchase makes you a silent partner in the gift of an education. For more information, go to

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