The Bing Our School Needs Contest Is On. What Does Your School Need?

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I bet a lot of you readers have your own personal stories about what parents and teachers in your children’s schools have done to help with budget cuts. Here is my own true story.

New Jersey overall is one of the most expensive states to live. The new governor has slashed public education funding. State caps prohibiting school budget increases bite when your school district is in the lowest rather than the highest 10% per capita spending. Things keep getting worse here in Brick.

It’s horrible to think that every child does not get his own textbook, that technology is behind the times, that program after program is being cut and more and more teachers are being let go. If it weren’t for concerned parents, hard working PTA’s, team moms and pops, and a plethora of fundraising activities, students would suffer even more.

When I learned about the Our School Needs Contest, I immediately thought of what it could do for the boys and girls in my hometown. An extra $100,000 would go far to alleviate conditions technically not mandated in public education. Let me explain a little.

Brick Township has an autism cluster. The school system has solid programs for this particular handicap and offers year round programs for classified students. This is as it should be; however, autism is only one of many possible handicaps. Other ones (for example, Down Syndrome) remain neglected with because of lack of finances,
programming, and personal. A squeaky wheel advocate may be able to get that IEP child into the year round program BUT the educational needs of one classification are not the same as with another. This is a case in point where “mainstreaming” can’t work. Why? It isn’t the mainstream.

Autistic children have difficulty connecting and communicating with people; it often comes down to personal space. Down Syndrome kids conversely are open, warm, friendly, and loving; genetic wiring causes the gaps in their milestone developments. Wouldn’t it be great if the public school would develop a year round program for their needs? One miracle wanted.

Here is what to do to win $250,000 divided among four schools with $100,000 grand prize and three $50,000 first prizes:

  1. Think about something that $100,000 can make happen.
  2. Watch: What does your school need
  3. Write a 500-800 word essay, take 3-5 pictures and, perhaps, a 3 minute max. video finishing “Our School Needs: ___________.”
  4. Any student or teacher from a K-12 school can enter but for those under 18 a parent, legal guardian, or teacher must submit.

I wish I myself could enter the Our School Needs Contest. Maybe you can though. CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE OUT SCHOOL NEEDS CONTEST.

Here’s a video explaining the contest entry process.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Bing and received a giving code and gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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