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Tabatchnick Soup Review

Tabatchnick Barley Mushroom Soup

Dad and Mom were storekeepers. The only day their business wasn’t open was Sunday. Now Mom loved to shop so when in the late 50’s the Blue Laws went into effect where we lived in New Jersey, Mom took her business elsewhere.

At least once or twice each month, Mom had Dad drive her and me into the City, East Side with its Orchard, Clinton, Hester, Essex, Division, and Canal Streets and its open stores. We wandered the streets from morn until late evening buying me women’s garments, hosiery, suits, dresses, and hats; her linens, household wares, whatnots. and candy.

We got hungry walking. I remember munching on fresh hot bialies taken out of the oven, herring from a big wooden barrel, fresh baked strudel, soup, delicatessen pastrami sandwiches on rye with a pickle still unsurpassed to this day–all kosher, pareve. Those quick meals were gastronomical delights. Wish I could turn back time….

Tabatchnick may not make most of the foods I still yearn to find. However, it makes soups that rival or beat today’s homemade. Since stomach surgery, my stomach has been finicky–no bread, rice, pasta (meaning noodles), and watch the meat. Today I enjoyed a bowl of its barley and mushroom soup. It was delicious.

The smell of its ingredients (water, barley, carrots, mushrooms, onions, celery, corn starch, salt, spices, canola oil, mirepoix (vegetables [carrots, celery, onions], soybean oil, sugar, salt, corn starch, natural flavor), xanthan gum, garlic, natural flavors and annatto extract) simmering in the kitchen brought me back fifty years in time. Seconds please.

Four generations of family recipes handed down make Tabatchnick truly fine food. Tabatchnick soups are packed in twin pouches. One makes a generous cup, two a hearty bowl. I can hardly wait to eat split pea and old fashioned potato, two other soups I found in the frozen foods section of my local supermarket on sale this week for $2.29.

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3 thoughts on “Tabatchnick Soup Review

  1. my A&P stocks these soups in the organic/vegetarian section, which many shoppers never visit. Love the mushroom barley also.

  2. This is an example of a business that still focuses on taste, health and value and has managed to sustain the business in the family. This should give others the incentive to take their dreams and turn them into something others will enjoy.

    All the best!

  3. Oh wow….that soup looks absolutely delicious! I will be looking for it in the food store! Thanks for the review!

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