Sneak Peek Of The Leverage Season 3 Premiere ON TNT

The drama Leverage begins its third season on TNT Sunday, June 20, 2010, 9:00 P. M. ET/PT. with two back to back episodes. I got to preview the first hour, and I have to admit that the story however implausible did manage to intrigue me. Brains Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) has gone to a privately run prison to protect his gang of cons. His people want to break him out. The place is truly corrupt.

The prison’s CEO has incarcerated honest, law-abiding citizens and made them captive laborers. Enter Leverage to help. When hackers, grifters, thieves, and hitters decide to help people nobody else helps, things don’t always go as predicted.

Be in the audience to see for yourself master criminals besting their own. I liked what I saw enough to set my recorder so I could watch more.

Here’s a peek at the Season 3 premiere episode.

One thought on “Sneak Peek Of The Leverage Season 3 Premiere ON TNT

  1. I have been looking forward to the season permiere, Leverage is one of my favorite shows. It is very creative, bad guys that are now good guys helping those who have been abused and ripped off.

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