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Review – VinniBag Reusable Inflatable Travel Bag

VinniBag Standing I hate airport security, but I live with it. Too bad we live in a world where it is necessary.

Now my readers know I love to travel. What I hate about traveling though is luggage. Most carriers charge for every checked bag so more and more I just take the one allowed carry on. Problem with the carry on is its 3 ounce size liquid restriction. I like bringing the friends I visit a hospitality gift, something we relax with, share together, and enjoy–like a great bottle of wine (not in the nip size either).

I would never check liquid before–checked baggage battered by airport handlers, could I ever tell you stories of what I have seen! I had to opt for strictly non-breakable UNTIL NOW.

I just received Ellessco LLC’s VinniBag and I will be soon using it. Much like bubble wrap, inflated it protects against impact and leakage. Designed to withstand both impact and high altitudes, its secret is air chambers and a special closure, nothing to tip the scales and cause an airline to claim $$$ for excess weight.

Vinni can safeguard anything breakable, even gifts, potions and lotions, glass and china. Easy as 1-2-3. Just insert and center, inflate then roll up the bottom, snap the buckle and top off any air. Eco-friendly because it is reusable, recyclable, and reliable, this VinniBag reusable inflatable travel bag can be stored flat, rolled, or folded. This new travel concept means potables journey safely and intact.

Available online and in select retail stores, go to for more information or to place an order. This item lists at $28.00.

VinniBag Side

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