REVIEW – Nescafe Taster’s Choice – This Flavorius Savorous Suggests You Try This Single Serve Instant Coffee

Everyone is familiar with instant coffee in multiple serving jars and canisters. Too bad that packaging never allowed people on the go carrying it along. Let’s face it. Who wants his/her wallet or pocketbook to bulge? Not convenient and not sightly.

Enter Nescafe. This company is now packaging various Taster’s Choice flavors (original, decaffeinated, 100% Colombian, hazelnut, and vanilla) in single serve mini-packet. Just add one to six ounces of hot water, allow time, to brew, add sugar, creamer and whatever, then enjoy. And, when you finish the cup, look at the bottom. You won’t see any left over residue or grit.

Now don’t compare this beverage to fresh brew or k-cups. It is not either. It is a 100% pure fine blend of premium Robusta and/or Arabaca coffee beans, roasted, ground, brewed then freeze-dried. Every cup comes up perfect to the taste–just experiment with the exact of water needed to suit individual taste. The only thing I didn’t like? is that hazelnut and vanilla flavors are sweetened with ace-k (acesulfame portassium). I personally prefer sugar or its calorie kind derivative Splenda.

Nescafe has a history in pioneering coffee. In 1938, in Switzerland, it introduced to the world the first commercially available instant coffee. I enjoyed my samples immensely. Right now the manufacturer’s website at, is offering coupons on Taster’s Choice purchases. You can’t go wrong by checking the site out. It even lists recipes for delicious hot and cold drinks and yummy desserts.

You can find Nescafe online on Twitter and Facebook.

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