Remembering Learning Games

foam alphabet letters

Do you remember learning your letters? Do you remember the matching games that you played with your class to help you learn the shape and sound of the various phonemes?

One of the easiest and most popular was having the first player give a word like DOGS. The next player had to give another word which began with the last letter of the first word like SELF. Imagine someone saying the word FAX. What primary schooler would know any X-word? That probably would end the game. The wrong letter or no answer at all meant the player was out.

Would you be out as well? Or would you come up with an answer like x-ray or xerox? What would you do with the letters xenadrine rfa x?

One thought on “Remembering Learning Games

  1. How about xylophone? I remember when I was younger they had pictures up with a letter and when it came to X it was a picture of a toy xylophone. Kids apparently were grasping that had to say and spell (which reminds me of a favorite childhood toy, Speak n Spell) word. Now for the X they have an X-Ray. Much easier to say, spell and remember.

    I love these letters. We have some that are magnetized and we spell out what is for snack on the fridge for our youngest. She is 5 but she sure knows how to read her snack menu.

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