Recycling Books Is An Old Trick For This Old Dog

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A recent article authored by Stephen King about electronic books got me thinking. Books are heavy even paperbacks. Most people read a book once, put it aside, and forget it. What a waste of literature! What a waste of money!

Twenty years ago I came upon a storefront with a big sign in the window, “Books Taken”. The proprietor had implemented an idea where he would take books and issue credit for them at 25% of their original sale price. The reader receiving the credit could apply that credit at any time to used book purchases. Stock consisted mostly paperbacks, classics, and current authors. I loved the concept and so returned many, many times to buy and sell books.

4 thoughts on “Recycling Books Is An Old Trick For This Old Dog

  1. I, too, did a lot of business with a book recycling store. That was in another state and, alas, there is not such a place in the state I now live in.

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