Present Practicality

mickey mouse birthday present

I like presents like flowers, candy, perfume, real jewelry, furs. Skip things like vacuum cleaners and appliances for this girl. Hubby claims I am not practical. Probably not but neither is he. He is still complaining about the automatic slicer I bought him for his birthday a couple of years back. In all fairness, he told me he wanted one. I hate mixed messages.

Father’s Day is approaching. Now he claims to need some things for his computer like a tablet, external hard drive, and KVM switch. I think I will play it safe and order him NASCAR tickets instead.

One thought on “Present Practicality

  1. NASCAR tickets are safer than a meat slicer, for sure. this hit me so funny……….my 1st husband always wanted to get me a meat slicer as a gift………I kept telling him NO (and I can be very loud) lol. Thankfully I never got one.
    Thanks for the laugh Pat.

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