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My daughter has explained to me many times that her oldest doesn’t have to do any chores because she hated doing them when she was young. Get real, girl. Don’t we all?

With that said, my job as a parent has always been that of a role model (I wish I were ideal but…) and a teacher. All my kids had the responsibility of keeping their rooms in order. They also had jobs they elected like when my daughter and sons wanted pots, they had to take care of it. They also had chores like dishes, garbage, and laundry. They also were expected to complete their school work properly. Some people told me that I expected too much. They hated it. I wasn’t their friend. Oh, well, years later I can be now they are adults.

My kids were also given an allowance for those things they wanted. They did not buy necessities like family-related things, clothes,or food. It was theirs for whatever. However, I did not expect them to ask me to pay for dates, the ice cream truck, or elective fun and games. They learned to budget. Doing without put focus into what they really wanted or not.

I have been advised to choose my battles. Good philosophy but a better one is say nothing that you cannot live with and follow through on. Another good philosophy is to be sure not to let your young ones play one parent against another. There is no good guy; there is no bad guy. There is just losers.

In another time when only one parent worked, child rearing was simpler. Family was more important; peers less. Now with so many dysfunctional families, more and more kids are on their own. Parent(s) come home tired, busy themselves with what has to be done (meals, laundry, housecleaning, etc., etc.,etc.).


My Job Chart

What a way to go track things! Plan customized goals and rewards with an online chore chart system that tracks progress–a two way deal for parents and children alike.

I truly hope you all read about My Job Chart at, create a profile, and link it to the online chore chart. I wish I had it back when I was raising my own.

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