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During my college years back in the 60’s I took an on line calc course to round out my education and enrich myself over the summer. You see back in the time, English majors read, read, read and weren’t expected to do much more. Ah, stereotypes! Thank goodness, times have changed and learning choices are much broader. Wish was around then.

I just went on line for a multi-media demo of its iGeneration offerings. Click on to see for yourself how effective it is. Here in New Jersey educational programs are in crisis following Governor Christie’s budget slashes. Public schools have been forced to shut down their summer school programs. That impacts their educational choices. Poor students need the opportunity to take/retake courses to keep them with their classes. Accelerated students need the chance to take requisites so the honors fit time wise.

I remember having my oldest tutored in French. I remember having my youngest in summer school for English. I hated the daily drives when I could have been enjoying my vacation, but I did the right thing for the kids. Wish there had been another way like this. Browsing the catalog I learned about offerings by state. Here we have Keystone, both Middle and High, and course choices that rival the best public and private school offerings.

Find out more about on demand education. Today’s iGeneration has 1,000,000+ learning online. Curious about student feedback, go to and learn more.

This post was written as part of a campaign for Mom Select. I have received a gift card? in exchange for my participation. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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