Looking Forward


What was the world like before laptops, the age before everyone had his or her own portable personal computer?

Back in the 40’s, it was cards, board games, puzzles, reading, and radio (both comedy and drama). WWII ended.

By the 50’s, movies were big, television was in, cars filled the roads, the sound was rock ‘n roll, Disneyland opened. Home building filled empty lots. The Korean War began and ended.

The 60’s brought technological innovations like transistors. Electronics got better and smaller. Color TV was the thing. Hippies and flower power prevailed. JFK, RFK, and MLK were assassinated.

The 70’s showcased America’s darling Dorothy Hamill at the Olympics. More and more snow birds flew to Florida. Disneyworld opened. Then in the midst of everything came the gas crisis. Computers were humongous main frames. China opened its doors. The Vietnam War ended.

The 80’s made names like Gates and Jobs famous. Automobiles shrunk. Big mobile bag phones connected travelers to back home. More and more imports flowed into America. Politicians and policies came under scrutiny. The USSR collapsed. The Middle East was filled with turmoil. The Desert Wars began. Live Aid performed to help the world.

The 90’s shrunk cell phones. Natural disasters across the country like Hurricane Andrew, the Northridge Earthquake, the F-5 Oklahoma City tornado, the ’93 Eastern seaboard superstorm, the blizzard of ’96, and the drought of brought devastation.

2000 was a New Millennium without the massive computer turmoil forecast. Computers were everywhere. Business and homes depended on the internet and the www. E-mail was fast becoming official communication. Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne ripped through Florida. Katrina leveled New Orleans. 911, the anthrax scare, global financial crisis changed a way of life. America declared war on terrorism.

What will the 2010 decade bring?

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