Location, Location, Location – Important Even For Insurance

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Several years ago my youngest while in basic training got a low ball auto insurance quote. I knew that he realized that driving history, tickets, and accidents counted. What he didn’t factor in was that he was out of state at the time. When he came home and registered the vehicle, boy did he ever have a shock! Premiums were triple the original price. That’s when I gently reminded him state residency plays a big part in rates as does age, sex, and marital status. Chalk the whole thing up to experience. Next time around though, he was sure to ask for all the facts.

2 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location – Important Even For Insurance

  1. So true! When we moved from Washington state to Montana we were thinking our auto insurance would go down cause we were moving from a high traffic area to the middle of nowhere. Wrong! It went up…and then we realized it was because of ice, snow, and wildlife in the road.

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