Life’s Treadmill


Sometimes I feel like I am living my life on a treadmill, running and running but still remaining in the same place. Have you experienced this feeling as well? Every day it’s get up, make beds, take care of pets (fish, birds, cats, and dogs), take out garbage, wash clothes, cook, clean, and do dishes. Boy, do I long to escape the drudgery and boredom of the routine! I suppose that is why I enjoy traveling so much.

3 thoughts on “Life’s Treadmill

  1. I personally liken it to treading water rather than a treadmill. And boy oh boy, do I get tired sometimes trying to keep my head afloat!

  2. I know what you mean : D Some days I find my routine a ‘comfort’ when life is chaotic because I feel at least I got something done that had to get done and other days it’s unbearably boring! Travel is fun and a great chance to leave my troubles behind. I like your choice of treadmills – if you have to endure the daily rat race you might as well do it in style : D


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