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I’ve written about Primrose before, no, not the flower the school that specializes in educational childcare. What Primrose teaches is lots more than just book stuff. It molds behaviors by getting everyone involved in life and volunteerism. Our whole family–hubby, self, four kids, even their kids–has spent lots of time helping others. Money just cannot buy everything and there are so many ways to lend a helping hand. So, just pick your favorite(s) then go for it. “Tis the season….

Dr. Mary Zum, Vice President of education for Primrose, suggests these four ways to get a family interested in volunteering:

Step 1: Clarify personal goals and motives for wanting to include a child in volunteer activities.

Step 2: Explain the importance of volunteerism and the contribution volunteers can make.

Step 3: Choose volunteer activities to do with the children that are age-appropriate.

Step 4: Find a child-friendly not-for-profit.

For more information, either visit Dr. Zurn’s blog at DrZandme.com or Primrose Schools at www.primroseschools.com or check Facebook and Twitter.

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