Jack and the Beanstalk DVD Review And Giveaway

Jack & The Beanstalk (2010)

  • DVD Release Date: June 22, 2010
  • Rated: G (General Audience)
  • Run Time: 94 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Studio: Screen Media
  • Directors: Gary J. Tunnicliffe
  • ASIN: B0036K9CFA

I just watched Avalon’s 2010 Jack and the Beanstalk released to DVD June 22, 2010. ?This 70 minute running time film is G rated, live action, family fare. ?It is available online at Amazon.com for $14.98. This particular version of Jack and the Beanstalk is a unique spin on a time tested fairy take brought to life.

Jack and his mother fall on desperate times. An enchanted beanstalk takes him and his wisecracking half-man half goose sidekick Grayson to ?a world dark and sinister. ?Jack saves the day and becomes a hero.

I think kids will identify more with a Computer of Wonder than a bovine, but I doubt if they will appreciate the story’s slapstick telling. ?The touches of humor injected into it will be above the heads of many. ?I would have rather seen the writers focus of a few well-written characters than expand the tale with so many original but frivolous characters.

I especially enjoyed Colin Ford and Chloe Moretz, two talented child stars. ?I found myself irritated by the mannerisms and speech of Gilbert Gottfried. ?I wished talented Christopher Lloyd had a bigger part. ?I loved Jack and the Beanstalk’s moral: ?Initiative, perseverance, and sacrifice reap rewards.

The cast is stellar. ?It includes Chevy Chase as Antipode, Madison Davenport as Destiny/The Harp, Emily Rose Everhard as Red Riding Hood, Colin Ford as Jack, Gilbert Gottfried as Grayson, Sammi Hanratty as Gretel, ?James Karen as Saddius, Hal B.Klein as Officer Where, Christopher Lloyd as Headmaster, Chloe Moretz as Jillian, Frank Payne as Sergeant Who, Brian Peck as Emperor, Daniel Roebuck as ?Mayor, ?Katey Segal as Jack’s Mother, Wallace Shawn as Booker/Broker/Lancealot Squarejaw, Anthony Skillmas as Hansel, Adair Tishler as Rapunzel, Gary J. Tunnicliffe as Nervous Lumberjack, Billy Unger as Price Charming, David Mattey as The Giant, and James Earl Jones as the voice of the Giant.

Jack And The Beanstalk was awarded 4 out of 5 Doves by the Dove Foundation.


THREE winners will each receive a copy of the Jack And The Beanstalk DVD.


To enter leave a comment on this post telling me who you’re going to watch this movie with if you win.


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58 thoughts on “Jack and the Beanstalk DVD Review And Giveaway

  1. OK guys,

    Are all the adults here crazy? I had high hopes for this as “G” films are so rare now. I hoped my daughter (7) and son (11) would like this film.

    I walked in after about 30 minutes, my 11yr old son said “Dad, you are not very good at picking out films, this is terrible”. I then sat down and watched the last 2/3rds of the film.

    I was impressed by the BIG name stars, and thought (when I rented it) that it would have to be good with all those people involved. Boy was I wrong. It was terrible. It was wonderfully filmed, had very nice detailed sets (but you could tell they were all on a very flat surface on a sound stage, great detail, as long as you did not back up and sense that every area was in a room shaped square).

    So the star list is amazing, the two youngest kids did a great job acting I thought, but hte adults were terrible. Chevy was good, but Gilbert was terrible overall and should never have been chosen for the role. He may be good as the voice for Aladin’s parrot, but he stunk live action. For each and every actor (other than Chevy) it must be their worst acting stint ever… I love that it was ‘clean’ and maybe a 2-5 year old would like it, but any adult forced to watch it will be pained to. The other thing thatI thought was a joke was the “Giant’s” costume was superb (specially the hands) EXCEPT for the eye cut outs. What was the director/costume/wardrobe thinking? If they yad stationary fake eyes, that would have been better, but the deep eye holes, with small human eyes way behind the mask showing? Absurd. When I first saw the hands at hte table I was impressed, then when it anned to the lower face, I was even more impressed, but when I saw the course eye cut outs I could not believe it. I could tell (and knew) it was not James Earl Jones in the costume (too slight a build on the person inside) but each time I saw the giant after that poin=t it was painful and all the detail in his outfit was a waste.

    Honestly, it overall looked like a very well filmed high school production. I can tell the lighting and camera budget were well done, but hiding the obvious sound stage shapes (or zooming the camera view in to hide it) was a big mistake. I felt like any minute if the camera swung too much to the side I would see a dunkin donuts/starbucks bag or a PA on the edge…

    If any people who created/financed this read this: I am sorry and hope you don’t loose your shirt(s). I hope any actors donated their time and you don’t have pending bils from them…

    If there is ever a ‘next’ film be damn sure to make the sets without flat surfaces, that look like if one were to just push a broom an inch deep, they would hit floor tiles…

    This story is well known, and needs nothing and was told well, but the way you folks spent your budget was poor decision making. Had I spent any substantial money on this DVD, I would demand my money back (and that would be a first for me). If I had gone to the movies, I would have done the same thing at the cinema. I rented it from my library for a $1 donation, so I am not concerned.

    Ok, time for someone else to comment on my diatribe!

    In short: under 5 this might be an OK movie and is fine to put it on and leave (run away) from the room (till it is over). Any older preteens (like my 11 year old) wil be likely to cringe. My 7 year old did not complain, but did not say she liked it and I noticed her distracted doing other things after not much time in the room).

    Take care all!

  2. My daughter and I would watch together. Her dad loves to tell her this story…with many different variations!

  3. I would like to watch this with my niece she is so sweet. Thank you for the chance.

  4. I would like to watch this with my daughters, and then I’d pass it on to my sister to watch with her kids. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  5. I’d watch with my boys. One of the twins was Jack in his class play last year and loved the story.

  6. I would watch it with my twin boys. They LOVE the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  7. I would be watching this with my two daughters. I think it is a movie we all would enjoy.

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