ILA Workers Strike

On Strike Sign

Fellow Americans,

Just this week two days Parker Marina Terminal Philadelphia closed. Two days Global Bayonne, Port Newark, Elizabeth closed. Why? Picket lines shut down terminals as ILA workers demonstrated their solidarity.

News called it a wildcat strike. The union explained it as a show of strength. The events were triggered by the Port of Philadelphia?s Camden bulk cargo terminal docks closing and 200 ILA brethren losing their jobs October 1, 2010. Del Monte Fresh Produce was moving its base from there to a Gloucester facility that employs non-ILA workers. Draw your own conclusions.

Judge Debevries of the U. S. District Court Newark ordered an end to the strike. The longshoremen returned to work. The public probably wasn’t even aware of the events, but they should be.

People don?t always remember. People are quick to complain. Too many do not remember work conditions here in America…America?s sweat shops, America?s lack of labor laws, what it was before unions formed for the blue-collar working man. Maybe workhouses and debtors prisons don?t exist yet. The question is could they ever?

1918–My own mother is taken out of fourth grade at eleven to work in a factory, specifically Jersey City?s Brunswick Laundry. She worked her whole life away. She never got to know what the word play meant. With time came laws meant to set standards and protect workers. Labor laws helped get workers a fair, safe, sanitary work place and more.

2010–The economy remains depressed, people unemployed, businesses failing. Undocumented workers, illegal aliens, people on the dole work under the table. Too many born here, who pay the taxes, who support the system and the American way of life, still can?t get even menial jobs. It isn’t fair.

America has to help its own people rather than fault their standing together.

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