I Want To Be On Broadway

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I love Andrew Lloyd Weber. His play Cats touched my heart. Its characters like Rum Tum Tugger and Jellicles came straight out of Old Possum Elliot but better because they sang, danced, and really were bigger than life. His Phantom of the Opera stirred my imagination. Twenty years after seeing it the first time, I am still hoping for a quality sequel. I would like to see some other production of his.

Since television and I have been acquainted for more than three generations, I cannot remember the first one I saw on television. I have to say the same about films. I do vividly remember my first Broadway musical though. It was Fiorello back in 1960. Since a half century has passed, you can guess just how much I thrilled at my first real theater experience.

Hubby has written me several IOU’s promising to get me Broadway show tickets for a show of my choosing. He just never comes through. I need some tickets. Perhaps with the tickets in hand, he’ll stop giving me excuses and take me to the Great White Way. In the event he is not so inclined, I am independent enough to hop the train, breeze over to Broadway, and enjoy myself.

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2 thoughts on “I Want To Be On Broadway

  1. Supposedly there is a Phantom sequel opening in London very soon. Perhaps it will make its way to this side of the pond?

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