He’s My Baby

My youngest son aged 26 complains when I call him a baby. Let’s face it. He will always be just that to me–MY BABY. I remember giving birth to him 25 years ago au naturale at home. It was not supposed to be that way. In fact on the evening in question I went to the obstetrician, told him something was happening. Anyway he insisted I was not going to deliver for another six weeks and sent me back home.

The pains persisted. I insisted to hubby I was in labor. He told me that I was wrong and went to bed. Two hours later I delivered at home. Months later I got the doctor’s bills and the hospital bills including the labor and delivery room ones. I left that to my insurance company.

Baby shower invitations never got out. Instead our family and friends joined us at his christening celebration. AND LA is always going to be my baby. That’s it. I am not giving in.

4 thoughts on “He’s My Baby

  1. To this day, I do this with my brother, a very successful executive, high powered etc., likewise, he does not consider it an endearment. He’s so annoyed! LOL But with 5 years difference between us he was my live baby to play with. 🙂

  2. I totally get this. I’ve got 3 children ages 19, 7 and 3. Although my baby is still very young, I know in my heart he will always be the baby. Everybody in our family calls him “the baby” and we debate if we will ever stop doing this and so far the consensus is nope.

  3. I’m the mother of four (ages: 28, 26, 15, and 12). Your post reminded me of my younger sister (who is 50). She is the youngest of five and becomes very defensive and accuses me of treating her like a baby. I was shocked when she did this (after both of us were over 40yo) because I had just used a term of endearment. I don’t believe I’ve ever treated her like a baby–we are only two years apart in age! But she does seem to have some sort of hang-up about this…

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