Helicopter Health


Baby Boy LA spent five years in the Navy working on helicopters. He told his war stories about how mechanics do not actually make as many helicopter repairs as you would think; they simply replace helicopter parts. It is safer and easier to completely refit an entire helicopter rotor system than to take a chance that one of its helicopter blades fails will fail when the chopper is in the air. Let’s face it if the whirly bird’s blades are not going round and round, the helicopter will definitely not stay in the air for long. Crashes mean md helicopter parts and trouble.

Naturally, I missed my youngest and coped accordingly by planning lots of West Coast vacation trips. Our visiting with Baby Boy while he was stationed in North Island was neat. We got to tour the actual base. Hubby even had the opportunity to see him and his squadron at work. I opted out because of a bad leg. I wish I could have taken pictures but that was a no-no anyway–security reasons I suppose. Being with LA was enough for me. Hubby wanted more–he wanted to check out the Top Gun School as his #1 movie is Top Gun. He was really disappointed to learn that it had been moved out of California into Nevada.

Did not have to live with his disappointment for long. LA was eventually sent to Fallon, Nevada for extended training. We ourselves were in Reno at a convention when this occurred. Hubby took the initiative, decided we must visit LA (who was he kidding?), rented a car, and let your imagination take it from there.

Several hours later our son got us rooms at the Navy Lodge. The nearby town’s main attractions were the Superwalmart and a once a year Cantaloupe Festival. He did his duty while we toured the local sites.We kept ourselves busy enough. We did see the Top Gun pilots flying. We also saw many, many different helicopters. But that story is for another time.

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