HawthoRNe – A Peek At The Season 2 Premiere Airing June 22

Just a year ago I reviewed an episode from the series HawthoRNe for my readers. By now its fans are aware that the Jada Pinkett Smith medical series has been renewed for a second season. TNT will launch it on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 9 p. M. ET/PT. Recently I got the opportunity to screen two upcoming episodes and see for myself how the series evolved into Season 2.

Richmond Trinity Hospital has been closed. James River Hospital is on overload because it must now deal with more patient services with a strained and limited budget. Christine Hawthorne (Jada Pinkett Smith) predictably finds her way there. Surrounded by chaos and patients in crisis she takes charge and ruffles some feathers while soothing others.

In the Season 2 premier episode, No Excuse, Hawthorne copes with a gang shooting, a dead man in the ER, a dog detached penis, a forgotten patient, a hostile ER head nurse Gail Strummer (Vanessa Bell Calloway), a daughter, and lots more at cost to her own life. I like my main characters to be multi-dimensional and fully developed. I myself would appreciate the scripts more if it focused on a few of the intimate stories rather than just run with an ever changing kaleidoscope of life.

As things begin to settle, the next show, Road Narrow, center more on hospital relationships more than medical drama. A tragic automobile accident touches Christina, a grandmother, her grandson, family friend Dr. Tom Wakefield, M. D., Chief of Surgery (Michael Vartan), and colleague Paul. Events lead her caught in the moment to respond more as a woman than as a medical professional. What transpires gave her character depth.

An average 3.8 million viewers tune in HawthoRNe every week. See for yourself if TNT Tuesday evenings at 9 P. M. ET/PT slot makes a fan of you too.

Take a peek a the season 2 premiere for yourself.

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