Hasbro Scrabble Slam and Yahtzee Hands Down Card Games Reviews

Recently we had a crowd over for poolside fun. We kept things comfortable but simple. Companionship like cookies or popcorn served up with simple refreshments like iced tea or lemonade is the best of times. The day was great. At dark most of the guests left with only three of us remaining.

What to do? What to do? We decided against dominoes 12. We passed on double deck pinochle as well. We opted instead for a couple of Hasbro card games instead, Yahtzee Hands Down and Scrabble Slam. Both packs indicated they were family games for those 8+, took 15 minutes to play, and were for 2-6 or 2-4 players respectively.

Three adults with A. A., B. A., and M. A. degrees got caught in the rules for Yahtzee Hands Down which confused all of us. What happens in ties? What happens if someone doesn’t announce “Hands Down”? The directions need to be made more clear.

We set up some house rules and played on. We laughed as we shared the camaraderie, stories, jokes. We agreed the game would have been better if setup was simpler. We unanimously decided that the dice version was the best and needed no improvement.

We moved on to Scrabble Slam. We could not help but notice that the letters appear on both sides of the card so opponents should know what is in each hand. Furthermore, players received no extra points for unloading more difficult to use letters.

Noting the goal was high speed, we faced a problem, namely none of us have the killer instinct. We decided that the game did not involve strategy or spelling skill–just luck. We preferred the original as a spelling game. I suppose we just don’t think young.

I would recommend both games for elementary school girls and boys providing a wise judge was available to sort out game conflicts. They wouldn’t read into it as much as we did.

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5 thoughts on “Hasbro Scrabble Slam and Yahtzee Hands Down Card Games Reviews

  1. Hey also I just read the question as to “what happens if someone doesn’t announce Hands down?”. I really don’t understand how that’s possible since you continue to swap cards until you make a set that you want. I guess if no one went Hands Down you would have just….I don’t know…stopped playing the game??? I don’t understand the question here. That’s like saying “what if no one ever passes go in Monopoly?”

    Which I guess if you’re focusing on the actually “announcing” hands down I don’t understand that either. There’s no penalty it’s just the first 2 people to go hands down. If you don’t announce it I guess you just correct the mistake and stay hands down unless someone beats you to it? That sounds like a very picky question either way if you ask me.

  2. Scrabble Slam does suck especially since there are no point cards or strategy involved it’s just random slamming down cards and we kept getting into “change one letter” issues. Like “clam, slam, blam, glam” and then over again it was just stupid. I would definitely agree that this game is better for a bunch of kids who want to slam down cards and yell allot.
    Yahtzee Hands Down is actually pretty good once you understand it. Although we did run into the absolute tie problem in which case we just gave both players a point card (there are two of each) and it seemed to solve that. Otherwise I thought the rules were pretty simple to understand.

  3. I am really glad that I took the time to read the previous reviews of Yahtzee Hands Down Card Game. We are a small family of 3 and none of us could figure out the rules. Too many additional questions involved. Actually, thought how dumb can we be not to be able to figure this supposedly simple game out. We love Yahtzee and Handsdown, but the card game will probably never be played again.

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